Can You Be Diagnosed w/ Type 2 Diabetes While Being In-Shape?

Dr. Rick Richey has worked in the fitness industry since 2002 as a trainer, licensed massage therapist, college and university adjunct professor, NASM faculty instructor, author, subject matter expert and talent for fitness industry educational videos, textbooks, and web-based content. He has presented at numerous fitness conferences within the US and internationally. As an entrepreneur, he is the owner of Independent Training Spot, NYC-based personal training gyms and co-owns RēCOVER, a recovery business focused on minimizing physical and cognitive stress. He also developed a continuing education company for personal trainers called HMS Resources. Rick hosts the NASM CPT Podcast and holds a master’s degree in exercise science and a doctorate in health science.

In this episode:

  • Dr. Rick talks about getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and the myths behindthat.
  • The future of fitness
  • Proper Recovery
  • How working out doesn’t negate sitting
  • How it’s ok to fail in business, and much more!

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