Should you drink Human Milk?

Okay, maybe this episode isn’t about drinking beast milk as an adult…but it is about HMO’s, and not the health plan!Human milk oligosaccharides(HMO, also known

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Workout with a Convict!

On this week of the pod, Joey sits down with former convict/drug dealer, Coss Marte, the founder of Conbody! Coss actually came up with this

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Jamie Metzl

If you could would you choose the traits of your future kid would you? Eye color? Athletic ability? Their IQ? What about the ethics of

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Living with your Therapist!?!?

Can you imagine living with your therapist, taking him on vacation with you, or even sitting in on board meetings? This episode features life enhancement

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Intermittent Fasting

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?! Have you ever wondered if the way we think about food, and having to eat all

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Brain Training

Have you ever imagined taking a look at how your brain works? In this episode of Fad Or Future, Dr. Sam Effarah joins Joey to

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