The Highest End of Fitness w/ Matt Hesse

Matt Hesse is the CEO of Performix and Performix House, where no expense has been spared to provide the highest level of service and fitness quality. From the trainers who charge hundreds of dollars per-hour, to IV-therapy, recovery, amino smoothies on tap, a class that has infused elements from the earth, and the rich smell of mahogany; Performix House is anything but standard!
Matt is also the Founder of Fit Ops, an organization that works with veterans by putting them through a special “personal trainer boot camp” to help them get jobs in the fitness industry after active service. Performix also makes the first “Molecular Hydrogen-charged pre-workout”. And then, to top it off, all of their trainers are massive social media influencers. So, is the cost, style and level of Performix House the Future of fitness? You decide.
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