Exposing Plastic surgery, filters, and lying on social media with IGFamousByDana

Have you ever wondered what celebrities had work done and lie about it? What about secrets to editing pictures and videos by some of your favorite influencers? How can you tell who had work done, what they do to their photos and videos, and if it is all real or not? Is all of this causing higher rates of depression and anxiety?

This week Joey sits down with Dana Omari (IGFamousByDana). She is a registered dietitian who was over the wellness department of a medical spa here in Houston, TX. She became the person who did all initial consultations because I had a good eye for aesthetics and I was able to discuss treatment and procedure options, risks, and expectations with clients really well. She now work as a medspa social media consultant, a medspa consultant in general, and still work as a dietitian expert speaker, and her instagram account pulls the curtain back on celebrities and influencers.

She created her page when she realized people don’t know much about cosmetic procedures, and what they do know tends to be riddled with misinformation due to the taboo nature of having cosmetic procedures done and the lack of transparency by those in the public eye concerning their beauty, skin and health routines.

Is this a Fad or is it the FUTURE? You decide!





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