Why you should be a failure! w/ Entrepreneur, Travis Richey

Why is failure such a bad thing?!

Should we embrace being a failure more often?

Joey sits down with Travis Richey for the last episode of 2020!!!

Travis Richey is anEntrepreneur, Advisor, and Investor. Having invested in over 25 start-up companies the last 10 years;he knows a thing or two about success and more importantly failure. He is the current owner of several fitness concepts, technology companies, and multi-family real estate portfolio.At the age of 25, Travis controlled a hedge fund with $10 Million AUM.

Due to a regulatory oversight in the State of Arizona, he was charged with transactions of an unregistered securities dealer and sentenced to 2 years in Arizona Department of Corrections.Armed with an MBA in Finance and aPhDfrom the school of hard knocks; he foundedAccomplishEDVentures to bring individuals both incarcerated and reentered a second chance at a successful life.

Over the past decade his programs have been used by hundreds of thousands of inmates and numerous Departments of Corrections to bring life skills, job training, and education to the justice impacted community. Sometimes referred to as the Tony Robbins of the prison world, Travis speaks the language of failure and perseverance to inmates nationwide bringing them hope and purpose.

In this episode:

  • Why do we think failure is wrong?
  • What can we do when we fail?
  • Social media and failure.
  • How to use failure to your advantage.
  • …and much more!

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